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- Transition Crouch End

The Transition movement was begun by Rob Hopkins (and others) in Totnes, Devon. The Totnes group started thinking about how our communities would cope in the coming years, as fossil fuels become less readily available and climate change continues. Their conclusion was that there are plenty of things that can be done by local communities to make the transition a smooth one…
Some of the ideas they’ve championed include skill sharing (i.e. great gardeners teaching enthusiastic but not-so-skilled amateurs how to grow vegetables); Swap Shops (clothes/ books/ ideas/ etc); promoting local businesses and locally produced food. The Transition movement has spread out across the UK (and further afield) but we are based in Crouch End and Hornsey. We’re interested in working collectively and creatively together to help build our local area into a low energy, resilient and self-sustaining community. If you’re interested in joining us, or finding out more, please email info@TransitionCrouchEnd.org.uk and we'll get in touch. Or have a look at our blog: www.TransitionCrouchEnd.org.uk

Transition Crouch End Green on the Screen, Earl Haig Hall, Elder Road N8 9TH usually Monday evenings. A film about sustainability plus discussion. See website for details http://www.transitioncrouchend.org.uk/

- Muswell Hill Sustainability group

informative website in particular concerning local builders and suppliers who specialise in home energy efficiency. Look out for open home events to see what local householders have done to reduce their energy bills.

eN10ergy is Haringey’s local community energy company, founded to promote and invest in local renewable energy.
Web: eN10ergy (external link)

- Friends of the Earth

Educational and campaigning work, promoting sustainable transport and reducing traffic, improving housing insultation and energy usage, promoting sustainable energy policies, lobbying for improved recycling facilities, distributing, ecolightbulbs..

Tottenham & Wood Green Friends of the Earth
We campaign on local, national and global issues, raising awareness, involving people in action. We press MPs, councillors and other decision makers to implement solutions to environmental problems that make life better for people. Locally we helped get the Climate Change Act into law, we lobbied MEPs about the Biofuels directive, we lobbied MPs about the renewables strategy and the Marine Bill, we press the council to set tougher CO2 reduction targets, and we campaign against environmentally unsustainable planning developments.
Quentin Given 07946 535656
Web: www.foe.co.uk/tottenhamwoodgreen
Contact details: Tottenham & Wood Green, http://www.foe.co.uk/groups/tottenhamwoodgreen/contact

Muswell Hill & Hornsey Friends of the Earth
Muswell Hill & Hornsey: http://www.foe.co.uk/groups/muswellhillhornsey
www.foe.co.uk/muswellhill meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, except August.
Contact Tim root tim@timroot.net

- Tottenham Civic Society (TCS)

The Tottenham Civic Society was established in April 2006 following mounting public concern about inappropriate redevelopment proposals for the Tottenham High Road Historic Corridor and a desire for something better.

- Urban Harvest

Network for people interested in foraging & collecting surplus fruit

- Climate Radio

- Allotments
Local allotments sites and the Haringey Allotments Forum:
Contribution: [About 25 local sites]. Local food production, food security, maintaining the health of the soil bank, flood prevention
Contact details: http://hfra.wikispaces.com/allotmentsforum

- Friends of Parks

Local Friends of Parks groups and the Haringey Friends of Parks Forum:
Contribution: [About 30 local groups] green spaces, wildlife habitats
Contact details: http://haringeyfriendsofparks.org.uk/

- Haringey Living Streets

Contribution: encouraging safer streets / reduction in traffic, sustainable alternatives, street greenery
Contact details: chrisjbarker46@gmail.com

- Residents Associations

Local Residents Associations and the Haringey Federation of Residents Associations:
Contribution: [About 150 local associations] safer streets / reduction in traffic, supporting recycling, educational briefing re sustainability, social sustainability (local facilities, strong communities etc), green spaces, opposing inappropriate development
Contact details: info@haringeyresidents.org www.haringeyresidents.org

- Cycling

Haringey Cycling Campaign:
Contribution: sustainable transport
Contact details: http://www.haringeycyclists.org/

- Tree Trust for Haringey

Campaigns to Plant, Protect, Preserve & Promote the trees of Haringey.
Contact details: info@haringey.org.uk

North London LETS:
Contribution: Enhancing the local economy and encouraging skill sharing
Contact details: suepenny@phonecoop.coop

- Haringey Freecycle:

Contribution: promotion and facilitating reuse and recycling
Contact details: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/haringey-freecycle

- The Conservation Volunteers

Based in Railway Fields, Green Lanes

- ReStore Community Projects

is a registered charity collecting unwanted furniture, cookers and fridges which are then delivered to people in need. All cookers and fridges are tested, refurbished and supplied with a 6 month guarantee. Haringey Council supports this venture through the free white goods collection service, the Reuse and Recycling Centres, and special collections of furniture items in good condition.
Location Unit 18 Ashley Road, London, N17 9LJ Tel 020 8493 0900 Fax 020 8493 0109

- Haringey Green Party:

Contribution: Promoting green practices and policies
Contact details: Pamela Harling pjharling@hotmail.com

Contribution: Many thousands of people try to reduce, re-use and recycle and live in as environmentally-sustainable ways as possible. Showing by example is a very powerful way to demonstrate alternatives, to spread ideas, and to make real change. Let's recognise and value this! Contact details: All around our borough.

Note: Criteria for inclusion:
This list focuses on groups/initiatives which are local and run by Haringey residents. We apologise to any groups missed off. We welcome additions, which could include, for example, any Haringey-based self-organised food co-ops / fairtrade groups / regular jumble sales & swaps events / alternative energy groups / car pools / relevant campaigning organisations etc.

- Haringey 40:20

The Council has an on-going campaign to reduce carbon emissions in the Borough by 40% by the year 2020. Haringey 40:20
This is a big ask, so we are trying to give the Council team all the support we can with ideas and practical meetings.

- Big Lunch
Annual community picnic, on the 1st Sunday of June at Priory Common Orchard - community growing space on the corner of Redston Road and Priory Road N8.

Why not help spread green ideas throughout the borough?

Want to get things repaired? why not check out Jeremy Green's map of the Borough here?

- Growing In Haringey
SH Food Group has received money from Capital Growth to encourage and support much greater food production across the Borough (over 100 growing sites in the Borough now). Regular gardener's chats 12.30pm at the Lordship Rec Eco-Hub, 26th April, 24th May, 28th June, in 2016.

* Waste Group - organised a well supported compost give away on 26 April - see the YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDwn0If4ixI)
and look out for news of the next one in Autumn 2015. Also regular visits to waste processing facilities.

* Countrywide networking Supporting London and national events eg the Climate Camp, London21 Sustainability Network, Low Carbon Communities Network, Transition Network and the annual Climate March (Climate Coalition).

Want to see more being done to spread the word? Why not help organise something yourself? Its up to all of us!