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Coming Up:
Saturday 3rd - 18th September Community Energy Fortnight see events here
Saturday 3rd September Friends of Parks Forum, Bruce Castle, N17 8NU 10am
7th September Friends of the Earth Tottenham meeting 7.30pm, Millennium Centre, Vincent Road/West Green Road N15 3QH
10th September Lordship Rec Produce show and lots more!
10th September Ally Pally/Shepherds Hill allotments show, 2pm Moravian Church Hall, Priory Road, N8
26th September Transition Crouch End Green on the Screen 7pm Earl Haig Hall, N8
1st-2nd October Walking weekend in Haringey. Lots of guided walks - details to follow
15th October Apple Day, Transition Crouch End @Hornsey Vale Community Centre

DRAFT Minutes of the recent coordination meeting (April 11th).
Notes of Sustainable Haringey Coordination meeting 11th April 2016 at the Three Compasses pub
Present: Chris Barker, Pamela Harling, Gemma Harris, Joyce Rosser, Quentin Given, Jenny Bourne Taylor, Tim Root, Tilly Williams, Alan Morton, Jeremy Cassidy, Andy Hows, Rebecca Stewart, Daniel Hackett, Judith Hanna, Malcolm Hunt, Barbara Hickmott,
Apologies: Cara Jenkinson, Anne Gray

1. Notes of last meeting (14th September 2015) had been circulated.
2. Internal Sustainable Haringey matters
a) Financial report Chris reported that since September we have spent £33.41 for website fee and £16.66 for share of gazebo and received another £31.10 from sales of McLibel DVDs, leaving a balance of £432.30.
b) Website Since the last meeting this has been simplified and updated. This was welcomed. SH coordination meeting minutes to be added.
c) Email lists Jeremy reported that there are over 900 members of the General mailing list and they receive a monthly mailing about events.
d) SH Facebook page There was brief discussion of this. Pamela said she would try to post to it more regularly.
3. 40:20 Haringey Climate Forum
Quentin reported that the website had been revamped Grants have been made to two local projects (Asian women and Edible Landscape).
There was a meeting in March about Air Quality with council and FOE speakers. Haringey Green Party and some community activists have had a local project measuring air quality at different places around the borough. There was discussion on how this might be followed up. It is an issue for GLA candidates eg at forthcoming local hustings at the Selby Centre on 20th April. Air quality relates to local environment/trees/biodiversity. Important that council replaces Ian Holt (nature conservation officer) – this is being pursued by Haringey Friends of Parks Forum. Hornsey and Wood Green Labour Party Environment Group will hold a public meeting on the subject (details to be circulated). A Cycle die-in (connected to pollution) on 27th April in central London was mentioned
4. Di-vest petition
Quentin, Tim and other FOE people were congratulated on all the work they did organising the petition. Rebecca welcomed the way groups across the borough had worked on this project. 20 Di-vest supporters attended the Pensions Committee meeting which agreed to divest one third of the council’s holdings. Council will review this annually.
5. Transport issues
Chris reported that 20mph policy came into force in February.
6. Waste and recycling
Joyce reported that there will be another Compost Giveaway on 17th April (subsequently moved to 18th/19th April).
MHSG had a successful stall in October following plastic bags charge. Judith said that 8th June is World Oceans Day - a chance to publicise damage done by plastic bags. Suggested this could be raised at local Big Lunch events on 12th June Gemma raised problem of disposable cups – personal and corporate responsibility.
7. Other reports
a) Labour Party Environment Group Jenny said the group is organising a public meeting on air pollution.
b) Friends of the Earth Quentin said that booklet of questions for Mayoral candidates produced with Green Alliance
c) Meadow Orchard Reported now open every Saturday.
d) Growing in Haringey Judith said they are holding Green Gardeners workshop every month at Lordship Rec Hub.
e) Alternative Christmas Fair Gemma said this will be 27th November at Union Church.
f) Transition Crouch End Rebecca reported that Crouch End Festival is 15th May
g) Green on the Screen Tilly said that next date is 16th May (film to be announced). Andy said that they are getting more people.
h) Friends of Parks Forum Dan said recent meeting had discussed threat to Wolves Lane nursery.
i) Muswell Hill Sustainability Group Alan reported that they have a public meeting on 14th April. They are in discussions with council about School Energy Use project (15 schools interested). GLA funding but needs project manager. Joe Baker looking at this. MHSG plans to have some tours around energy efficient homes in May.
j) Tottenham Friends of the Earth Quentin said council has set up Zero 50 panel (reflecting the recent commitment by many Labour councils to achieve zero carbon by 2050). It has about ten members and has met twice (he is a member). Its role is to come up with recommendations to help Haringey achieve regeneration in lowest carbon way, but not limited to that – so it is likely to include things about adaptation, biodiversity and quality of life. Nothing on website yet. Plan is to publish a report in June. He also mentioned that there was a recent serious pollution incident on the River Lea.
k) Love the Lea Joyce reported that three raingardens/rainmeadows (sustainable urban drainage systems SUDS) are under construction along Priory Road. There will be “opening” events in the summer. The council has now appointed an enforcement officer to deal with the misconnections identified by Thames Water which are polluting the Moselle River.
l) Haringey Walks – this council project with Joan Curtis (Friends of Parks) will be launched on 14th May. 1st/2nd October will be Walking Weekend.
m) Haringey Independent Cinema - 10th anniversary event – McLibel film 28th April.
n) Riverfest will take place on 29th May at Lordship Rec Hub. Tottenham Ploughman event with food, drink,

Supporting Haringey Council's initiative to reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2020

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